In Nunavut, death investigation services are provided by the Office of the Chief Coroner coordinated with Chief Medical examiners services in different regions, Fire Marshal Services, Transport safety board and Royal Canadian Mount Police service. Together the Chief Coroner provides dual leadership for Nunavut death investigation system that strives to provide services of the highest caliber.

The Office of the Chief Coroner is mandated to answer the following five questions in as thorough a manner as possible:

  • The identity of the deceased
  • How the death occurred (i.e. the medical cause of death)
  • When the death occurred
  • Where the death occurred and
  • By what means the death occurred (i.e. natural, suicide, accident, homicide or undetermined)

The Office of the Chief Coroner serves the living through high quality death investigations and inquests to ensure that no death will be overlooked, concealed or ignored. The findings are used to generate recommendations to help improve public safety and prevent deaths in similar circumstances.