The first order of business for the Inquest Coroner at an inquest is to select and swear in a 6 member jury. Jurors are randomly selected from the geographical area where the death occurred. The Inquest Coroner may question potential jurors to determine their eligibility and suitability before selecting six people.

Witnesses are then called and examined. Witnesses may include the pathologist, toxicologist, attending police authority, attending medical professionals, eye witnesses, employer, or other experts. Coroner’s Counsel will be the first to examine the witnesses followed by persons with standing, the Inquest Coroner and the jury members. Cross-examination of the witnesses may occur where testimony may need to be clarified.

Once the testimony from all of the witnesses has been heard, the Inquest Coroner will charge the jury with instructions to deliberate and return with their findings and any recommendations. The jury’s findings and recommendations will be read out loud by the Inquest Coroner as part of the inquest proceedings. The Inquest Coroner will then conclude the inquest.