Padma Suramala arrived to Nunavut in 2005 from India as a registered nurse to work with Department of Health ,Government of Nunavut, after serving 21 years in Indian Army.  

In September 2008 Ms. Suramala was appointed as a Coroner for Iqaluit and continued her profession as registered nurse at Qikiqtani General Hospital.  In March 2010 Ms. Suramala was appointed as an Acting Chief Coroner for the Nunavut Territory in the absence of the Chief Coroner.

In March 2014 Ms. Suramala was appointed as Chief Coroner for Nunavut Territory as an indeterminate.  She has accomplished various educations in death investigations and received her certification in crime scene investigations from International Career School of Canada and Medico Legal Death Investigations from University of North Dakota in United States of America.

Ms. Suramala has been involved many death investigations, experienced in mass fatalities and participated in Military Operation Nanook in the Territory since her appointment and provided quality of death investigations.  Her medical back grounds and experience is an asset to Nunavut Coroner Service.